Forms And Other Information

Spray Tan Consent Form (Downloadable Word)
It's very important that your clients understand and sign a consent form before getting Spray Tanned. You can download this form and customize it for your own use. You can keep this form on file for your client, and place notes about which solution you used, skin type, etc. If there are any questions about whether or not to spray, it's better to ask questions and get a doctor's consent before spraying. If you are spraying a minor, always get parent's, or legal guardian's consent before spraying.
Preparing your Client Over the Phone (Downloadable Word)
Many times your client will show up and not be prepared for their Spray Tan. This form explains what you need to tell your clients BEFORE they show up for their Appointment. This is great information to have at your front desk.
Preparing and Spraying Client at Appointment Time (Downloadable Word)
This form will help prepare your client when they show up for their appointment. Many people have not ever had a Spray Tan before and do not know what to expect. These tips will help you and your client.
Spray Tanning Training Video
Use this video to train yourself, or your staff. You will develop your own technique over time, but this is a good place of reference.
Spray Tanning Pop Up Tanning Tent Video
Spray Tanning Tent instructions for putting up and down a pop up tanning tent.
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